Working from home is for anyone that has professional skills to assist clients.

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Two things you need to know if you want to work from home



Working from home comes with many benefits; some of these benefits include: reducing your commuting times, saving expenses for gas or public transportation, having a better work-life balance, and increasing your overall productivity. Due to this, there is an ascending number of jobs that you can do from home.

Regardless of whether you start operating your own business, working as a freelancer, or even telecommuting as employee of a company; working from home will be a completely new experience. Keep reading if you want to know more about two of the biggest challenges you’ll have to face, and some tips on how you can overcome these obstacles.


1) The boundaries between work and family will blur

If you’re working from home it may be harder to find a balance between your working hours and your leisure time.

You start working in the morning, but after half an hour you decide that you want to have another cup of coffee. While waiting for the coffee machine to finish, you start reading the newspaper. The newspaper is so interesting that you stay with your cup of coffee at the kitchen table instead of going back to work. Finally, you go back to your desk, needing several minutes to recollect where you have left off, and before you know it, the morning is over.

In the evening, you determine to have handled only a fraction of your intended tasks. Due to this, you decide to take a quick dinner break with your family, before you go back to working on your projects for two or three more hours. However, as you start watching you favorite TV series during dinner, the break takes longer than planned, and with every passing minute, it becomes harder to get back to your desk. As you finally manage to continue working, you realize that it’s even more difficult to concentrate with your family around.

Probably your children, and maybe even your partner, won’t understand why you don’t have time for them even though you are at home. They might come into your office asking questions, needing your time or attention. To prevent this from happening, you have to plan your working hours ahead of time, and communicate with your family. Let them know when you are not available and when they can interrupt you. The same applies to friends or other family members that may try to call you.

Tip: Explain to them that you are working even if you are at home. Be prepared to come upon a lack of understanding from other people, but don’t let that keep you from taking your work seriously.



2) You can’t leave work

Working from home means that you will always be very close to your work, even at the end of your working day; this also includes weekends and holidays – unless you go on a holiday trip. Keep in mind that when your workspace is placed where you spend your leisure time, it’s going to remind you about your undone tasks all the time. Nevertheless, even if you have a separate room, you will easily get the feeling that work is calling you.

For instance, after you’ve called it a day, you might have a good idea, so you go into your home office and scribble it down. Once there, you decide to check your emails for a moment because you’re still waiting for a reply. In your inbox, you find the message of a client who asks for a quick info to which you quickly want to reply. Once you’ve started typing your answer, you notice that you need to research something in order to answer their question, and before you know it, you’ve been working for an hour; although you actually only wanted to enjoy your evening off.

Another example is when you are sitting on the couch wanting to enjoy a relaxing evening with your favorite series on Netflix. But even so, it still may happen that your thoughts wander over to topics related to work. Sure enough, it’s easy to bring your work home if work and home are the same place.

Especially in the beginning, your conscience might start bothering you, simply because you want working from home to go smoothly. You want to make money and prove to yourself, and maybe to your family and friends as well, that working from home is possible. Moreover, you might think you earn less money if you enjoy your evening off.

Tip: Try to let go of your work once you’ve called it a day, just as you would if your working space and your home were two separate places. To do so, tell yourself “Now it’s time to work.” in the morning and “That’s it for today. Working time is over.” in the evening to help motivate yourself and get your brain in the right mood each time.

With these tips you are ready to jump right into a home job. Check out Shazzyjobs to find a wide range of serious job offers which let you work from home.

About the author:

Katharina Papenbreer works for Locanto in Marketing and Communications. Locanto is a worldwide platform for local classifieds. There you find used furniture, cars, apartments, even guitar lessons and so much more.